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pre war tri-ang bedford lorry


this morning i’m talking about my last hunting result in the 123 bay.

it’s a pre war lorry out of the tri-ang transport and bedford series produced from 1937 upto 1958. acc. to my info this lorry has been produced between 1937 and 1939.

in this time tri-ang is using a single sheet of steel for the chassis afterwards the chassis was having circular +/or rectangular sections cutof  in order to save metal.

a lot of the bedfords and their brothers of „200“ and „300“ series of the tri-ang family are suffering fom the english „PSNR“ (PRE-Sit‘-N‘- Ride) resp. in germany called „PBC“ (PRE-BOBBY-CAR) syndrome.

this syndrome caused deformations of the chassis and body parts plus damages by the axis and tyre suspensions from generations of heavy carpet and outdoor riding.

enough of words here are the photos:




this truck will not be cleaned,polished and restored.

with regards to Hans-Peter !

schön gruss von der grotten ranch